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Our modern, state of the art pods set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales offer a unique glamping experience, offering stunning views of Coxons Farm and beyond.

Each pod is fully insulated, double glazed and underfloor heated to keep you cosy all year round. Featuring an en-suite bathroom, double bed, fully equipped kitchenette, sofa bed, TV, WIFI and more; you can enjoy home comforts while experiencing the beauty and fresh air of the Dales.

Please read our term and conditions before booking.

From £81 per night



Our pods are named after the Cracoe Reef Knolls, which are located to the North-East of the village. These distinctive conical-shaped hills were formed approximately 330 million years ago when the dales were covered by a shallow tropical sea. Coral reefs built up over time, growing towards the light and forming the dome shaped hills you can see today. The Cracoe Reef Knolls are made up of Elbolton, Skelterton, Thorpe Kail, Myrah Bank, Stebden and Butter Haw hills.

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